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07 February 2009 @ 12:22 am
Ficlet: Glib (Chuck & Rose) PG  
Title: Glib
Fandom: Gossip Girl & Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Chuck Bass/Rose Tyler
Word Count: 247
Rating: PG
Summary: It's V-Day and Chuck is almost at a loss... or is he?

He's given a lot of thought to this. More than he can admit to having done in the past for anyone. But then she doesn't make it easy. The enigma is a little difficult to get past because it stirs so many things inside him that make him want to rule her out as safe ground. If she cannot be verified, she cannot be trusted. If she cannot be trusted, she might as well be dead to him, right? Just like his father.

Still. The fact that he knows. He knows he loves her more than anyone he's ever known. That fact keeps her safe. Even though he's not sure why. The one page file haunts him even as he wanders Tiffany's for the perfect silver heart.

Valentine's Day has always been both a holiday and a bane. It's the day of passion and his zipper has always been warm. Yet it's also a day of purity and perfection. Until her he has not had either. It sets him off balance and makes him feel calm in the same moment.

That is her allure. That is her imprint on this world. The more he knows her the more he realizes that she has made more of an impact on the world - his world! - than any 1000 page dossier could ever uncover.

And that is when he stops searching for her past and starts welcoming their future. Sure the hearts are glib but she likes them. That's all that matters.
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