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29 December 2008 @ 04:53 pm
Ficlet: Past & Pain (Chuck & Rose) PG  
Title: Past & Pain
Fandom: Gossip Girl & Doctor Who
Pairing/Characters: Chuck Bass/Rose Tyler
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG
Summary: The parallels are great but the gap is narrow. I thought it would be interesting to write Rose's perspective. Hope this works!
A/N: Written for choco_cherries Week 21 (Prompt: Free-for-All)

You can't make a mark on a world that isn't your own.

The road away from her mother and the life that wasn't hers had been easy to follow. And she'd followed it directly into a too-warm taxi beside a guy who seemed so well put together that he might have been a prepackaged Christmas cracker.

They laugh later about how she tripped into his lap and then into his life. She allows him to entice her from the dark cloud looming above her. The one that threatens to bring tears to her eyes with every small detail Chuck remembers. Because he remembered those things too.

It never occurs to her that those details are all he has of substance where she is concerned. She never takes into account that he might wonder why she is sometimes adrift in a sea of deep thoughts that have nothing to do with him at all.

She just melts into his life as seamlessly as though she had always been meant to be in it. It's easier than holding on to the past and another world that will never be hers again. She can see in his eyes the beginnings of new things. Profound depths and an inner light that brightens their moments together.

She tells him he is her anchor and safe harbor. The closest she comes to understanding how she's changed him is the tremendous sorrow on Blair Waldorf's face each time they meet. She aches for Blair's unhappiness. The parallel between them is so great but, just as the fabric between the worlds separates her from the Doctor, she separates Blair from Chuck and Blair will never forgive her.

The days and his lips begin to erase the pain but the past still lingers. She will never tell him that.
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