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02 September 2008 @ 01:24 pm
Ficlet: Payback (Tess, Mal) PG-13  
Title: Payback
Fandom: McLeod's Daughters & Firefly
Pairing/Character: Tess McLeod, Mal Reynolds
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG-13ish for a little language
Summary: Organic crops are serious business. They're her last connection to her husband.

Tess wakes in the darkness. "Nick, no!" Tears stain her cheeks, the pillows. Sweat on her brow that even the breeze from the open window cannot cool.

A moment to get oriented. Covers tossed, robe donned, it's time for ice cream. Loads of it. The memories drown in sweet creaminess. Almost.

Loves forever lost are impossible to drown out completely with spoonfuls of chocolate.

Looking out the window, across to the alpaca pen, she sees the metal monstrosity in her field of organic wheat. The spoon clatters loudly in the sink long after she has mounted Oscar, shotgun in hand.

"What the hell is this? You ruined my wheat!"

She's aiming her gun at his chest, the wind from the engines whipping her hair into a frenzy.

Hands in the air, edging and smiling, he's not intimidated but he'll let her think she has upper hand for now. "Wasn't intending to ruin nothing. Just to set a spell and find some fuel s'all."

She's not impressed. She hasn't noticed he's standing in front of a spacecraft. She's more angry about her field than observant at the moment.

Gun still raised, she's pacing in careful steps. Bunny slippers and boxer shorts in the warm midnight air. He thinks her frustration is cute. Reminds him a bit of Inara. If Inara had taken a leaf out of Kaylee's book on fashion.

Holding in a laugh his hands fall to his sides. "Maybe we can make a deal? You know, so's I can repay you for the damage. My ship has space in the hold to transport somethin'."

Wicked thoughts in her mind. She's smiling now. And soon he won't be. Soon he will have an entire crop of slowly drying flax in his hold. That horrible smell alone will pay the bill.