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29 August 2008 @ 02:06 pm
Ficlet - Midnight (Ten, Drusilla) PG  
Title: Midnight
Fandom: Doctor Who / BtVS
Pairing/Character: Ten, Drusilla
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG
Summary: The dawning of the New Year. London, England, 2400.

Stepping from the Tardis, he stretches languidly and yawns. It's a beautiful night. Rose should see these stars.


He sighs and pushes the thought away. No time for regrets. Time for a celebration! The dawning of the New Year. London, England, 2400. It will be magnificent.

Lost in thought he doesn't at first see her emerge from the shadows. Her long, satin dress matches the midnight sky and rustles as delicately as a breeze, catching his notice. He smiles pleasantly and inclines his head to her. "Good evening, mademoiselle."

Her sing-song voice unfurls soft as velvet before her as she steps toward him. "Is the King of Wands in the garden? The blue box is singing."

The voice sends a thrill up his spine and he knows. There is no mistaking the characteristic grace and serenity in her air and features.

"I know you and your kind," he says roughly through his teeth. His eyes are fierce with the desire for retribution. "Your kind committed mass genocide on hundreds of planets before we stopped you."

She pouts gently, her dark eyes appealing and almost sweet. Her voice is melodic and mesmerizing. "My hands are soaked in blood and my insides boil with the memories of death. I do not want to be an evil thing. But he made me. He made me and now the cockroaches will devour my mind."

He can feel himself softening. Not one to stay angry for long or even defensive for that matter. "Who made you this way?" he asks.

"Angelus. He said the Lord would use me to smite His enemies." Her voice rises an octave as she recalls her anguished confusion. "His tongue lies and the dogs will eat his corpse in the streets."

"The blue box sings indeed," he says wryly.